Saturday, 14 March 2015

Fight against Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

As most of you know we had to have ivf to have both our sons. Our eldest son Connor who is now five is slowing dying. It had nothing to do with ivf its not inherited. He has a progressive muscle wasting disease called‪#‎Duchenne‬ Muscular Dystrophy, this could happen to any family. It is rare muscle wasting disease thats attacking his body. He has a tendency to fall down rather too often, tires easily and finds stairs a challenge along with other things.The terrible statistical prognosis is that he will be in a power wheelchair, full time by the age of 10 and no longer be with us by age 20. We didn't know what to do so as a family we set up Caring for Connor Campaign to raise awareness and funds to hopefully find and fund cure for this cruel vile disease.
 I am doing a 135 foot abseil for Connor tomorrow. We are asking you if you can to make a donation to help us in our mission to keep our son. A massive THANK YOU to every one that has donated and continued to support us. Some people might not be able to contribute but you can show your support by sharing and telling every one about our mission. Thank you again Wayne, Connors dad xx You can also text CFCC50 your amount to 70070.

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