Thursday, 23 July 2015

Emotional week

Quite an emotional week for a lot of parents this week with schools breaking up and children growing older, moving up a year and to new schools. 

Connor is leaving year one at still only 5 years old, one of the littlest in the year. One more year at primary school, next year it'll be junior school. With the normal progression rate of #duchenne he will lose his ability to walk by the time he leaves his junior school plus many other things. 

Looking through old photos and thinking why does he have to grow up!!  This is his 20 week scan photo and as soon as we saw it in the hospital we knew he loved us. Can you see you the ♡? :) 

We love this little man so much, we CANNOT let this disease win!! 

If you would like to help out in any way please just tell your friends and family about the Caring for Connor Campaign lets raise some much needed awareness for Connor and please show your support but popping over to Connor's facebook page and give him a like

Thank you xx

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